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Is Your Home Safe for Guests This Summer?

As summer approaches, distractions naturally increase.   You may  be inviting family, friends and guests into your home, and it only  takes a moment for a curious child to wander, or a guest to search the  most likely unsecured storage places.  Please remember to safely store  all of your firearms and ammunition that may normally be easily  accessible to you in case of emergency. As responsible gun owners, we  must place safety first!


If you have a need to temporarily store your firearms outside your  home, we can help! We also offer pick up and delivery of your firearms.   

TK Defense, in Gaithersburg, Maryland is a licensee of Gunsitters.com.  We are ready to assist when you need to store your firearms  long or short term, for a variety of reasons:  

- holiday/summer guests   
- red flag concerns
- open house  
- travel  
- deployment  
- domestic issues
- estate or inheritance
- downsizing
- medical marijuana card
-  curious children etc..

GunSitters - Firearm Storage Vault

Why Storage?


  • Temporary Needs - Vacation, moving, business trip, snow birds, major home renovations, selling your home, and foreclosure
  • Limited Storage Space - Growing collection, estate planning, and liquidation
  • Accessibility - Young children in the home or concerns of a domestic partner
  • Domicile Displacement - State of Emergency, Military Transfer and Deployment
  • Legal Situations - Divorce, Legal Violations, Mental Health Concerns and Estate  Issues.
  • Military Service - Deployment, PCS, Schools, Extended Operations and Veterans.

How Does It Work?


GunSitters offers a variety of programs:

  • Firearm Storage (Custodial)
    You maintain  access and ownership of your firearms and it is stored within our vaults.
  • Voluntary Non-Custodial Firearm Storage Agreement
    Firearm owner voluntarily places their firearms into storage  in lieu of having them confiscated by law enforcement. This is done  under court order and firearms can only be accessed under removal of  that order.
  • Firearm Transferred Storage
    You  sign over possession of your firearms to a Gunsitters affiliate FFL,  until you want them back and are legally able to have them back.
  • The Firearm Legacy Program
    With  this program, Gunsitters will insure your collection gets passed down  in accordance to your final wishes. 

Q & A


Q: Is It Legal to Store My Firearms In a Public Self-Storage Facility?

A: This is NEVER a good idea.  Self-Storage contracts are devised to assure that the Self-Storage  owner gets their rental fee, either from monthly payments or through a lien. The items that are stored but not paid for over a period of time could contractually be sold. 

The sales are held as auctions and the winner of the auction will take possession of the storage unit and its contents. The winner of the auction may not be legally permitted to own or possess firearms, the firearm may be banned in Maryland, have high capacity magazines, or in the case of regulated items, the winner may not have an HQL. Therefore,  if firearms are obtained by this auction winner, the owner of the rental  unit, the renter of the unit, and the auctioneer may be liable for  facilitating an illegal firearms transfer.